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Upak Domaks – Altalid die-cut lids for sealing PP cups
form 6000 pcs with printing
Altalid - are high-quality material for sealing PP cups and trays.
Altalid - two-layer material.
  • Top layer – high-quality offset paper.
  • Bottom layer - heat-sealable polymer with peel-effect.

The benefits of die-cut lids from Altalid
in front of a foil die-cut lids

  • Small print
  • Several types of die-cut lids in one run
  • High quality print
  • Print quality is brighter and more beautiful than foil die-cut lids
  • You can change the design of the die-cut lids at any time
  • Environmental friendliness
Small print
You can make from 6000 pcs of Altalid die-cut lids. If you are just launching a new product, you can test the demand for it without much cost.
Several types of die-cut lids in one run
With a wide range of products, Altalid die-cut lids can be flexibly printed.
For example, in one order there may be: 3000 of one type, 6000 of another, 2000 of the third, etc.

This will allow you to reduce the total cost of the circulation.

In addition, when changing demand for one of the goods, you can quickly order the right Altalid die-cut lids in any quantity.
Better print highlights your product on a shelf
Offset printing is of higher quality compared to flexo printing.

This highlights the product on the shelf, compared with competitors and increases sales of your product.

Print quality allows you to use high-quality photographs in layouts that will attract the attention of your customers.
Print quality is brighter and more beautiful than foil die-cut lids
You can compare yourself in the photo below.

This is a real scan of two die-cut lids.

To the left is foil, to the right is Altalid.
You can change the design whenever you want
At any time, you can change the design of Altalid die-cut lids for holding promotions, etc.

Or when starting a new product.

Flexo forms are not used for printing on Altalid, so you can change the design of each print run.
Environmental friendliness
The Altalid die-cut lids is made of high quality coated paper and a layer of polymer. Paper is greener than foil.

Your product in the eyes of the customer looks better and more expensive.
Manufacturing cost
The manufacturing cost for Altalid die-cut lids with the print of your layout depends on the print run.
To get prices for Altalid die-cut lids of a different diameter or circulation, ask for a calculation from the manager.

Production time 20 days. We deliver to any city in the world.
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