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Upak Domaks – Sachet bag from 1,000
For manual packaging

What is manual packaging into sachet?

Watch the video and see
Do you need to pack your product into sachet?
We produce sachet packages, overprint according to your layout.

You just need to take your product, put it inside sachet blank and seal it with hand sachet solderer.

Why do I need manual packaging, if I can order sachet packing?
Sachet packing services are available only for wide circulation, usually from 100 000 pcs.
If you have a goal to run a promotional campaign or make samples of your product.
Or you just launch new product in the market and are not sure, if it sells good, then the simplest and low-cost way is to start with packing on your own.
As the business grows you can always order sachet packing services.

What is productivity of hand packing?

500-1000 packages per shift.

Or one worker can pack 10000-20000 pcs per month.

What is the cost of a package?

It depends of a package size and issue quantity.
Spesial offer: sealer + sachet = from $200
*without delivery, sachet is minimum order.

What is sachet package made of?

The material is made of two layers:

  • First layer is a high-quality coated paper. It is to be printed over.
  • Second layer is a polymer, which ensures package air-tightness and sealing.
Is this package suited for food products?

Yes, the material is developed particularly for food products.

Are this package suited for liquids?

Yes, inside polymer layer is sealed hermetically.

I don't have the design for sachet-package, where do I get it?

Our designer would be glad to prepare a printing layout per your request.

How many colours are possible to print?
The offset printing is used. The printing is full-colored, the same as glossy magazines are printed. The printing quality is high, upto photographic.

How do I obtain ready sachet packages?
After production we will send your sachet packages to anywhere in the world.

How to get the sachet printing costs?
The cost depends on the sachet package size and quantity.
Contact us to find out the price for sachet packages production.

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