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Upak Domaks – manual sealer for PP cups
Suitable for die-cut (pre-cut) lids made of aluminum foil or Altalid.
The sealer is specially designed for:
  • beginner manufacturers,
  • companies with a small volume of production, under 5,000 PP cups per shift.
Sealer can be made:
  • Single version for one diameter cup. For example cup 80 mm
  • Combo version for two diameters cup. For example cup diameters 80 mm and 95 mm.
It is possible to make a sealing machine for any diameter of the PP cups.

The sealer is so simple that it takes 5 minutes to work with

Single sealer price — 440$
Combo sealer price — 480$

Price does not include delivery cost.
Our sealing machine

is designed to operate for 10 years

in a real production environment
Watch the sealing process video
Frequently Asked Questions
Why does it cost 440$ for a sealer? I can buy it at Aliexpress for 110$!
The Sealer at Aliexpress is a sealer for Bubble tea cups.

That sealing machine is designed for installation in shopping centers at sale points of ice tea with low traffic. It is not designed to use in real production.

Whilst the producers of those sealers use cheap and low-quality materials to reduce costs.

It has a short operational life.

In order for the sealing machine to work for years, it must be made with high quality, and this affects the cost.

Our sealing machine is designed to operate for 10 years in a real production environment.
Can it be sent to Nigeria?
Yes. It can.

We can deliver sealers to any country.
Do you sell sealers only?
We sell:
  • sealing machines,
  • die-cut lids,
  • PP cups for sealing.
Our know-how: Altalid die-cut lids. It is made with the printing of your logo or any images and texts with a print run from 6000 pcs.
The main characteristics of the sealing machine
  • Productivity is up to 10 cups per minute or 600 cups per hour.
  • Voltage 220 V,
  • Power 225 W,
  • Weight 14 kg,
  • Dimensions 360 x 260 x 285 mm.
We give 12 months warranty
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